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Coaching Untuk Capai Cita-Cita Anda 

Cita-cita adalah harapan dan dapat memajukan kehidupan. Cita-cita adalah tenaga untuk IMPIAN anda. 

Sebagai seorang individu, anda mungkin ada beberapa persoalan seperti berikut : 

Adakah anda perlukan sesaorang untuk membantu anda untuk mencapai cita-cita anda ? 
Adakah anda memerlukan sesaorang untuk memudahkan anda mengetahui apa yang sebenarnya anda kehendaki dalam kehidupan ini ? 
Adakah anda memerlukan sesaorang untuk membantu anda mencipta satu pelan tindakan yang berkesan untuk mencapai cita-cita anda? 
Adakah anda perlu bantuan sesaorang untuk mencipta cita-cita anda yang akan beri inspirasi dalam kehidupan anda? 
Adakah anda perlu sesaorang untuk membantu anda mencipta cita-cita anda dan bukannya cita-cita orang lain? 

Sekiranya jawapan anda adalah YA, maka anda akan memerlukan 

Coaching Untuk Capai Cita-Cita Anda

Apakah manafaat atau KEBAIKAN program ini ?

Kenal pasti apa yang sebenarnya anda kehendaki dan berhenti menhadkan impian anda 
Mengetahui sebab utama anda untuk mengejar cita-cita anda 
Mengetahui kaedah efektif untuk merancang cita-cita anda
Mencipta visi yang menarik untuk visi hidup anda 
Tempuhi cabaran bagi perubahan dalam hidup anda dan menangani apa-apa rintangan yang ada
Menghindari segala kesangsian yang ada dan percaya yang anda boleh lakukan untuk cita-cita anda 
Mencipta satu plan tindakan jangka masa panjang yang jitu dan gunakan kaedah mingguan bagi memantau keberkesananan pelan anda. 
Sentiasa bermotivasi dan bersemangat dalam menempuh perjalanan anda untuk mencapai kejayaan anda
Mengatasi kepercayaan yang menghadkan anda dan mengantikan dengan kepercayaaan yang perkasa. 
Berhenti dari segala bentuk kemalasan dan mengambil tindakan yang besar bagi mencapai cita-cita anda. 

Siapa Yang Akan Dapat Manafaat 

Tidak kira situasi anda pada ketika ini, anda akan dapat manafaat bila ada sesaorang di sisi anda untuk menjadi pendengar kepada anda dan memberi motivasi kepada anda dalam menghadapi cabaran dalam hidup anda untuk mencapai cita-cita dalam hidup anda.   


Here are some of the main deliverables that you will be getting from this Achieve Your Goals Coaching with us

Knowing What You Really Want

Identifying Your Goals
Finding big enough reason WHY
Unconditional dreams and desires

Believing You Can Achieve

Power of unconscious mind
Accepting Change Cycle in Life and having faith in yourself
Overcoming Doubts and affirmations statements

Creating Concrete Plans

What is SMART goals settings
Creating goal settings and to-do-lists
Monthly check in and daily planning
Being accountable and taking massive actions
Assessment of results in the goal settings

Staying Commited and Motivated

Managing excuses and procrastination
Developing empowering beliefs
Strategies to stay committed
Keys to motivation
Acceptance of failure before being successful

Package Plan

The overall package plan will include


Personalised One on One Session
Period Of  1 Months
Session every fortnight ( Total 4 sessions )
Session durations - up to 90 mins
Handouts / Worksheets Provided
Unlimited e mail support
Unlimited whatsapp support ( during office hours )
Private Facebook Group
Free Leonard Personality Inventory
RM 3000
One Time Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Coaching process done?

The Coaching process will involve identifying the issues and problems that you are currently facing. You will be assisted to identify various options and resources available to resolve these issues. As a coach we will also provide some suggestions and guidelines to help you in growing your organisation. You will need to commit to an action plan and be accountable to the coach throughout the Coaching sessions. 

Will I be learning a new thing in the Coaching session?

Yes, you will learn that you are responsible for any changes that will happen to you.

Will changes occur in me as a results of this Coaching?

As a coach, we believe you are responsible for the outcome of the coaching. You will see success and changes if you commit to implementing the agreed and suggested action plans and also take accountability on the action plans. 

What is Leonard Profiling Inventory ?

The LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI) was designed by Professor Dr. Leonard Yong to profile behavioral preferences of individuals.Based on the personality profile obtained, the individual is given suggestions and recommendations for - Personal improvement,  Enhancing teamwork with others, Improving leadership styles,  Improving creativity and Enhancing learning skills.

How long will each Coaching session last?

Each Coaching session will be for an approximately 45 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour. 

Where will the coaching session be conducted?

The Coaching session will be conducted at our office in Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur. Other locations can be mutually agreed upon. To avoid any disturbances in the Coaching, it is advisable that the sessions be conducted away from your current office.   

What will be the coaching schedule?

Depending on the package chosen, the Coaching schedule will be plan upon the commencement of the Coaching programme. Rescheduling can be done before 48 hours of the Coaching sessions. Rescheduling within 48 hours can only be accepted for emergency purposes only. Missed sessions will be counted as a completed session. 

Do you have a payment schedule for your packages?

For Basic package, we will need full payment made before the start of the coaching package. For the Advance package, 2 installment can be made: 50% at the start of coaching program and the balance before the start of session 6 of the Coaching program. 

Pro Bono

We do provide pro bono coaching sessions for selected individuals and non profits organisation or non governmental organisations. Please contact us to further request on the pro bono session. 


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