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Definition Of Coaching

Coaching is a transformative process for personal and professional awareness, discovery and growth - International Association Of Coaching ( IAC)

Purpose Of Coaching

Coaching Is Forward Looking and Goal Oriented

Coaching will help individuals / organisation with the following:

Individuals / Organisations will be able to defined a better and desired outcomes.
Create awareness to the Individuals / Organisations of the options available in order to achieve their desired outcome
Assisting the Individuals / Organisations in developing the necessary strategies and the actions plans to achieve them.

Benefits Of Coaching


Help to them to see their true potential
Allow them to think big
Awareness of the meaning in life
Assist them to be accountable to achieve their goal
Create more confidence in their lives
Enable them to stay focus and committed in achieving their goals
Provide a support system on challenges that their facing

For Business Leaders / Owners

Perform at a higher levels
Embrace the concept of continous learning
Deliver better results for the business
Able to lead and manage changes
Skills to motivate and inspire team members
Nurture healthy and effective relationship in the organisation
Focus on business goals, objectives and progress monitoring

For Organisations

Increase in employees productivity
Improve in quality management of products and services
Better customer services and responses
Reduce the number of complaints by customers
Contribute to the reduction of cost
Increase in the level of trust within the organisation
Reduce job turnover due to better job satisfaction

For Staff

Increase in skill levels
Access to more detail knowledge
Individual has more attention in training and development
Better career progression
Retention of key knowledge and skills
Better staff succession planning
Increase staff motivation at work

"Coaches Are Present and Future Focused"

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