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Effective Management of Discipline and Misconduct

Course Objectives

Addressing staff discipline issues is never easy and at times can be an absolute minefield of problems for managers. It is, however, an issue that all managers and supervisors do have to deal with from time to time. Notwithstanding this, the application of effective and fair processes is equally important from a staff morale and motivation perspective and, therefore, an essential skill for managers to master. This course is designed to develop practical skills in managing workplace discipline. The course uses actual cases as learning examples and encourages participants to discuss the discipline issues that they currently face

At the end of the courses participants will be able to:
• Understand the discipline process
• Conduct discipline process and procedure effectively
• Manage discipline interview effectively
• Law and Practices on discipline
• Learn the important procedure addressing the misconduct employee

Target Group

Human Capital Personnel, Managers, Supervisor, Industrial Relation Officer


Interactive lecture, Learning, analysis, assessment, and group discussion.

Course Contents

1.0 Managing Employee – General Employment Issues

• Overview
• Type of contract – Employer and employee
• Relevant Malaysia Law and contract

2.0 Common Workplace Discipline Issues

• What are the most common issues?
• How to deal with each type of misconduct
• Case study

3.0 Managers and Supervisor Roles

• Roles setting and supervision
• Handling misconduct case
• Most challenging issues

4.0 Law on Misconduct 

• Disciplinary action for misconduct
• Important rules regarding workplace Discipline
• Type of misconduct

5.0 Managing Poor Performer vs Misconduct

• Disciplinary action for poor performer
• Managing poor performer
• Termination process for poor performer

6.0 Practices on Misconduct

• Study based on Examples Cases
• Understanding the relevant provision
• Course summary

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