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Facebook Marketing

Introduction To Facebook Marketing

The course objectives are as follows 
Ability to start creating facebook fan pages for business, etc
Proper setting up and configuration of facebook pages
Ability to leverage the millions facebook users with the power of facebook advertising

Course Contents

Module 1
Background and current statistics on Facebook
Demographic of people on Facebook
Difference between Profile, Business Page and Group
How to use Facebook as a tool for branding
How to use Facebook as a tool for lead generation, relationship building and marketing
Module 2
Elements of successful Facebook business page
Examples of successful Facebook business page
What is Facebook Advertising platform.
What is Facebook Likes and why it is very important.
The best and the safest way of getting ‘Likes’.
Module 3
What are the main Facebook page graphics required.
What are Facebook Application tab and the most important tab to have on a page.
Practical set up of Facebook page
Practical setup of Facebook Advertisement
Module 4
Practical setup of Facebook Group
Characteristic of effective Fan Page management.
The best type of posting on the Facebook page and why it should not just be your advertisement.
Facebook page as reputation management
Facebook page as customer service


One full day 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Course Fees

Normal Price RM 1200.00 per person
( Inclusive of Lunch and Tea ) 

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