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HRDF Training Provider


Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF ) is an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia.  Under the PSMB Act 2001, an employer having more than 10 employees must be registered as HRDF Registered Employers and they are allowed to make claims by attending trainings conducted by HRDF Registered Training Providers.

HRDF Training Provider

HRDF Training Provider refers to the company or organisation that are registered with HRDF to act as a Training Vendor to HRDF Registered Employers. 

HRDF Training Provider Licence

Eduintellec PLT ( LLP0018360-LGN) has met all the requirements of HRDF in order to be registered as HRDF Training Provider with the issuance of the licence serial no : LLP0018360LGN approved on 3rd April 2019 and valid until 2nd April 2022. 

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