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Leadership Growth Coaching 

Be a great leader, inspire employees and grow your organisation
Do you need someone to help you to realise your full potential as a leader in your own business, have a management position or an executive in Public Company ? What the most successful leaders have that others don’t is a GROWTH MINDSET.  Let our personal one-on-one coaching session help you in in this GROWTH MINDSET

Get The Results To Achieve Success In The Following Area

Personal Development

You need to improve your knowledge, confidence, motivation in your personal wellbeing


You need to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid any habits or behavior leading to unhealthy body

Career / Business

You want to achieve your fullest potential in your career or business and be successful in them


You want to have a wonderful relationship with your spouse and children inspite of 


You want to achieve your financial goal in life so that you can live a comfortable and dream life


You want to ensure your spiritual well being is at its best 

Leadership Growth Coaching

This package is targeted for Business Owners or Senior Executives with the main objective of assisting them to grow and manage  their business better to achieve the desired personal and business goals. Here are some of the benefits you will be deriving from this Leadership Growth Coaching sessions with us
Looking at the bigger picture of his business
Be clear on his business and personal goals and objectives
Identify the various stumbling blocks in the progress of their business.
Resolving any interpersonal human behavior issues affecting team performance 
Any other issues that may be affecting the progress or growth of the business
Eliminate fixed mindsdet in your leadership style
Instill GROWTH mindset as a leader
Be able to teach GROWTH mindset to your staff
Be able to coach employees to learn and grow
Identify organisational growth through goal setting.
Layout a proper GROWTH based action plans

Who can benefits

You will benefit from this coaching package is you are :


You want to prove to your organisation's stakeholders that you have the necessary leadership skills and qualities to bring the organisation to its highest results performance.  


You want to bring your company to its full potential by having dedicated and loyal employees who shares your vision of your company. Furthermore you want to achieve a more balance life between your busness and pesonal / family life. 

Select The Package Here


One on One Session
Period Of 1.5 Month
Total of 6 Weekly Session
Work on max  2 goals / issues
Handouts / Worksheets Provided
Free Leonard Personality Inventory
RM 6000
One Time Payment


One on One Session
Period Of 3 Month
Total of  12 Weekly Session
Work on any number of  goals / issues
Handouts / Worksheets Provided
Free Leonard Personality Inventory
RM 12000
One Time Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Coaching process done?

The Coaching process will involve identifying the issues and problems that you are currently facing in growing your organisation. You will be assisted to identify various options and resources available to resolve these issues. As a coach we will also provide some suggestions and guidelines to help you in growing your organisation. You will need to commit to an action plan and be accountable to the coach throughout the Coaching sessions. 

Will I be learning a new thing in the Coaching session?

Yes, you will be given some guidelines and methodology on how to instill GROWTH mindset in your self and your employees.

Will changes occur in my organisation as a results of this Coaching?

As a coach, we believe you are responsible for the outcome of the coaching. You will see success and changes if you commit to implementing the suggested methods and take accountability on the action plans agreed upon. 

What is Leonard Profiling Inventory ?

The LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI) was designed by Professor Dr. Leonard Yong to profile behavioral preferences of individuals.Based on the personality profile obtained, the individual is given suggestions and recommendations for - Personal improvement, Enhancing teamwork with others, Improving leadership styles, Improving creativity and Enhancing learning skills.

How long will each Coaching session last?

Each Coaching session will be for an approximately 60 minutes to a maximum of 90 minutes. 

Where will the coaching session be conducted?

The Coaching session will be conducted at our office in Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur. Other locations can be mutually agreed upon. To avoid any disturbances in the Coaching, it is advisable that the sessions be conducted away from your current office.   

What will be the coaching schedule?

Depending on the package chosen, the Coaching schedule will be plan upon the commencement of the Coaching programme. Rescheduling can be done before 48 hours of the Coaching sessions. Rescheduling within 48 hours can only be accepted for emergency purposes only. Missed sessions will be counted as a completed session. 

Do you have a payment schedule for your packages?

For Basic package, we will need full payment made before the start of the coaching package. For the Advance package, 2 installment can be made: 50% at the start of coaching program and the balance before the start of session 6 of the Coaching program. 

"Coaches Are Present and Future Focused"

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