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Leading for Excellence


Highly effective leaders have a broad range of skills that enables them to create a strategic plan, articulate that plan and how the team is going to achieve set goals, and inspire them to perform at their best every step of the way. For some, these leadership qualities will come naturally while for others, it will take ongoing professional development and experience to hone their skills.

Successful leadership inspires enthusiasm and commitment, enhancing both employees and organization performance. Becoming a great leader is a process, not just a workshop. We recommend the S.P.R.I.N.T core values for this workshop.

S – Spiritual, Mind, Heart and Body
P - Performance Excellence Mindset
R – Re-Energize Customer Service oriented
I – Impact and Influence
N – Nurture and Develop Others
T- Trust

Course Objectives

• Equip Leaders with the necessary practices covering the attitude, skills and tools so that they can “CHOOSE” to rather than “HAVE” to manage performance
• Leverage on S.P.R.I.N.T core values to drive high performance
• Set effective, actionable and motivating goals, that goes beyond KPI
• Encourage and Give effective feedback to your direct reports
• Apply coaching techniques in performance conversations
• Powerful tools of communication using NLP technics

By end of the session, participant will:

• Learn way to face Leadership challenges
• Discover the skills set needed for leader
• Aware how to articulate the responsibility of the Leader in promoting effective leadership skills
• Distinguish among technical, human relations, and conceptual skills and their importance to successful leader
• Recognize self-confident issue related to Leadership i.e. managing self and managing subordinates

Target Group

Manager, Supervisor, Executive


• Management Games
• Theories and understanding presentation
• Problem solving
• Role Play
• Collaboration and presentation
• Case study

Course Contents

1.0 The Whole Person Paradigm

• Spiritual, Mind, Heart and Body

2.0 Performance Excellence Mindset

• Drive high performance culture

3.0 Re-Energize Customer Service oriented

• Efficient service to all customer segments

4.0 Impact and Influence

• Maintain good relation with stakeholder

5.0 Nurture and Develop Others

• Building up internal capabilities

6.0 Trust

• Skill set to unleash people


• Words and meaning
• Making sense of words
• Unspecified Nouns
• Unspecified Verbs
• Sales success without words

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