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Organisational Team Coaching 

Improve and enhance your company's and organisational's performance

Why Team

Organisation and companies create teams for its employees to cooperate together and will achieve more than the achievement of individuals. A team will unite a group of people with a common goal and objectives. An Organisational Team will be committed to achieving a common objectives, will work well together, and produce a quality results. A team will be small number of people brought together with complimentary skills, committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach for which they are mutually accountable

Common Problems and Issues With Organisational Team 


Trust among team members are not at the highest levels which will effect the performance of the team.


The objectives of the team are not common but are mostly personal or unclear

Lack Of Information

Information are only shared on need to know basis and not openly shared to team members. 


Team members are only working together instead of actually supporting one another. 


Conflicts are at high levels where team members are reacting or defending their ideas. 


Team members are poor or bad listeners as they will only want to talk their opinions or ideas. 


Here are some of the benefits your Organisation will be deriving from Team Coaching
Team will be closely working together
Team will be better able to identify their roles and responsibilities
All decision making in the team will be based on consensus.
The team will be working  in a supportive environment
Team will be more focus on task and productivity
Team members will be less emotional and focus on achievements. 
Team will be focus on problems solving 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the optimum numbers in a Team suitable for Team Coaching ?

To get the best results, the minimum numbers of the team would be 5 and the maximum numbers would be 10.

What would be the recommended numbers of Team Coaching session to see results in the team? 

We recommend at least 4 Team Coaching sessions to be conducted on a weekly basis to see the best and optimum results to the team. 

Who will be the members of the Team?

Team members can be within the same function or departments or can be cross-functional or inter-departmental. The end goal of the Team would be a common goal and objectives which will be aligned to the Organisation goal. 

How long will each Team Coaching session last?

A team coaching process would normally last between 2 to 3 hours for each session. The maximum duration preferable for a session would be half day. 

What would be accomplished during each Team Coaching sessions? 

During each Team Coaching sessions, the team will agree on the decisions made and understood them. Actions plans will be clarified along with milestones clearly defined. The roles & responsibilities will be clear and agreed upon.

Team Coaching Package 


Team of 5 to 10 members
Period Of 1 Month
Total of 4 Weekly Session
2 to 4 hours for each session
Work on max 2 goals or objectives
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Team of 5 to 10 members
Period Of 2 Month
Total of  8 Weekly Session
2 to 4 hours for each session
Work on more than 2 goals or objectives
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