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Principles Of Entrepreneurship

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to provide the basic knowledge and awareness training and knowledge on participants in launching and running a new business. The objectives of the course are : 
• Mindset preparation in starting a new business
• The planning process in starting a new business
• Basic knowledge necessary for running a small business

Target Group

The course is targeted to 
• Those who are planning to start or venture into entrepreneurship
• Those who have started to become entrepreneurs and are at the early stage of the business
• Those who require some refresher on being a well informed and knowledgeable entrepreneurs 

Course Contents

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Why become an entrepreneur
1.2 Objectives as an entrepreneur 
1.3 Short term, mid term and long term goals 

2. 0 Starting The Journey

2.1 Analysis  of the business idea 
2.2 Market Study
2.3 Preparing The Business Plan
2.4 Capital Requirement

3.0 Growing The Business

3.1 Marketing Plan  
3.2 Customers Relationship
3.3 Marketing strategy and tools. 
3.4 Sales Vs Marketing

4. Managing The Business

4.1 Basic Accounting Management
4.2 Cash flow Management 
4.3 Assets vs liabilities 

5. Human Resources 

5.1 Hiring your first employee
5.2 Regulatory requirements
5.3 Employees Development
5.4 Firing your employee

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