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Self-regulation: Occupational Safety and Health Laws Approach

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to provide awareness training and knowledge on the importance of occupational safety and health care needed at the workplace to ensure the wellbeing of employees, families and communities, which related to:
• Identify the concept of Self-Regulation
• Understand the basic techniques in the Self-Regulatory approach
• Carry out the Self-Regulatory concept at workplace

Target Group

All industries which related to occupational safety and health (OSH) in the workplace

Well suited to practitioners, employers and employees who are directly involved in the field of occupational safety and health, as well as those who are interested in improving occupational safety and health at the workplace

Course Contents

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Introduction to self regulation
1.2 Definition of Self Regulations
1.3 Characteristics of Self Regulations
1.4 Ability to implement Self Regulations

2.0 Mechanism of Self Regulations

2.1 Task to safeguard
2.2 Consultation process
2.3 Founsation, Organistion & Accountability at work place
2.4 Implementation of Self Regulations

3.0 Approach of Act 514, 1994

3.1 Three parties at national level
3.2 Bi-partisan at work place
3.3 Safeguarding task
3.4 Feedback assessment

4.0 Effectiveness Self Regulations

4.1 Advantageous of Self Regulations.
4.2 Failure of Self Regulations. 
4.3 Challenges of Self Regulations. 
4.4 Failure of Legal System

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