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Video Marketing

Introduction To Video Marketing

The course objectives are as follows 
Practical hands on skill in creating web videos
Ability to utilise the web video created for marketing and branding
Eliminate the need to pay expensive video graphers to produce and publish videos.
Start a video marketing business

Course Contents

Module 1
Types of business videos
Software to create videos ( Free and paid )
How to create videos and edit
Adding music and voiceovers to videos
Publishing video on the You Tube
Module 2
Video Scriptwriting
Strategies in scriptwriting
Importance of Voiceovers
Resources for scriptwriting ideas and voiceovers
Module 3
Practical set up of You Tube Channel
Detail Configuration of of You Tube Channel
The best type of videos to be posting on Youtube
What are You tube subscribers and views
Module 4
Video Marketing Strategy
Sharing videos on websites and social media sites
Ranking videos on Google searches
Getting traffic on videos


One full day 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Course Fees

Normal Price RM 1200.00 per person
( Inclusive of Lunch and Tea )

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