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Web Design Courses

Introduction To WordPress

The learning outcomes are as follows 
Ability to start creating a professional looking website without any knowledge of computer codes.
Eliminate the need to hire expensive web designers to create professional looking websites
Ability to start creating a professional looking website without any knowledge of computer codes.
Provide the skill needed to keep on enhancing web site created without requiring any additional cost to the web designers
Opportunity to tap into a hungry market in providing services as a freelance web designer.
Explore the possibility of setting up a web design company.

Course Contents

Session 1
Introduction to various type of Web Design Technology
What is a Content Management System ( CMS )
Registration of Domain.
Regisration of Hosting Account.
Nameservers Redirect to Hosting Account.
Introduction to cPanel
Installation of WordPress using cPanel
Installation Of WordPress using File Transfer Protocol
Installation of Wordpress on desktop /PC
Session 2
Admin access and users set up.
General Settings.
WordPress themes – Default, Free and Premium.
Creating Pages, Creating Post
Uploading Images on pages and post
Menu set up and widgets
Session 3
What is plugin.
Installation of plugin.
Types of plugins- Free and premium .
Most important plugins to be installed
Setting up of website using Premium Theme given to course participants
Session 4
Wordpress core update
Plugins and themes updates
Back up of Wordpress websites
Speed optimisation of website
Security management of website
SSL certificates


One full day 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Course Fees

Normal Price RM 1200.00 per person ( Inclusive of lunch, tea and Course Certificate )

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